액스(AxE) 1.9.6 APK Free Download

액스(AxE) 1.9.6 APK Free Download

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App Information of 액스(AxE)

App Name 액스(AxE) v1.9.6
Size69.6 MB
Latest Version1.9.6
Get it On Google Play
Package Namecom.nexon.axe
Rating 8.4 ( 83645 )

Description of 액스(AxE)

액스(AxE) Apk – On This Page available to download 액스(AxE) 1.9.6 Apk File. This is Original 액스(AxE) APK File. We are Share this Apk file Free to download in Our direct Download page. free download 액스(AxE) 1.9.6 APK find latest version Here.  액스(AxE) Apk File requires Android 4.2+. So, App Install 1,000,000+ and  Get Latest app 1.9.6 Updated 2018-04-26Here.

We are always share apk files on getapkfile.com. Free download 액스(AxE) APK file for your android devices. Also Don’t worry 100% safe and works. 

How To Install APK File on your Android Device

»You can also install 액스(AxE) APK files from the browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

» Get the 액스(AxE) APK file you want to download, and tap it (you should then be able to see it downloading on the top bar of your Android device).

» Once it’s download Complete, open Downloads, tap on the 액스(AxE) APK file, and tap Yes when prompted.

» The 액스(AxE) app will begin installing on your device.

#Read Me

Before you can install it on your phone you will need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device. Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Below Include Full Information about the 액스(AxE) App.

넥슨 초대형 모바일 MMORPG
액스(AxE)의 세계로 당신을 초대합니다!

[액스:신대륙 업데이트 기념]
– 접속만 하면 신규 장비 ‘날개’ 100% 지급!
– 궁극 샌디움 장비 3종 세트 & 5,000 루비 다 드려요!
– 100레벨까지 초고속 성장 지원 이벤트까지!   

▶ 창공으로 비상하라! 날개 업데이트
▶ 신규 지역 – 하늘섬의 등장
▶ 원하는 아이템을 직접! 제작 시스템 추가
▶ 정예던전(파티 던전) 어려움 모드 추가
▶ 초고속 성장 지원 이벤트 시작

■ 연합 X 제국! 당신의 진영을 선택하라!
신을 부활시키려는 자 vs 신의 부활을 막으려는 자
신의 대륙에서 피할 수 없는 전쟁이 시작된다!
당신은 어느 편에 서겠는가?

■ 분쟁 지역에서 벌어지는 진영간 치열한 PK!
분쟁 지역 어디서도 긴장을 놓을 수 없는 필드 PK!
전략적인 판단으로 아군과 함께 승리하라!

■ 전장의 최강자를 가리는 콜로세움!
박진감 넘치는 실시간 4 vs 4 팀 배틀!
명예의 휘장을 가질 자는 도전하라!

■ 광대한 오픈 월드에서 펼쳐지는 Full 3D 액션!
박진감 넘치는 Full 3D 액션과 자유로운 카메라 뷰!
오픈 월드 최고의 그래픽과 액션을 경험하라!

[AxE 공식 카페]
유용한 Tip과 풍성한 이벤트를 공식카페에서 확인하세요!

[브랜드 페이지]
AxE에 대해 더 자세히 알아보고 싶다면 지금 바로 방문하세요!

■ 스마트폰 앱 접근권한 안내
앱 이용 시 아래와 같은 서비스를 제공하기 위해 접근 권한을 요청하고 있습니다.
[필수적 접근권한]
사진/미디어/파일 저장: 게임 설치 파일, 업데이트 파일 저장 및 고객센터에 스크린샷 첨부
[선택적 접근권한]
오디오: 게임 내 음성채팅 기능을 사용하기 위해 포함되어 있습니다.
[접근권한 철회 방법]
▶ 안드로이드 6.0 이상: 설정 > 앱 > 권한 항목 선택 > 권한 목록 > 접근권한 동의 또는 철회 선택
▶ 안드로이드 6.0 미만: 운영체제를 업그레이드하여 접근권한을 철회하거나, 앱을 삭제
※ 앱이 개별 동의 기능을 제공하지 않을 수 있으며 위의 방법으로 접근 권한을 철회할 수 있습니다.
개발자 연락처 :
Giant Nexon Mobile MMORPG
The world’s Ax (AxE) invite you!

[Ax: update celebrates the New World;
– Simply connect the new devices ‘wing’ 100% payment!
– The Ultimate Help Sandy equipment and three sets of 5,000 deuryeoyo The Ruby!
– up to 100 Fastest-Growing support level event!

▶ Make an emergency in the firmament! Wings Update
▶ New Area – the emergence of Sky Island
▶ directly to the desired items! Additional production system
▶ Add the Elite Dungeon (Dungeon Party) difficulty modes
▶ Fastest-Growing Support Start Event

■ Union X empire! Choose your camp!
Now God to revive vs avoid God’s Resurrection Party
This war can not be avoided in the continent of God begins!
Would you stand, General?

■ PK fierce disputes between the camp takes place in the area!
Conflict can be placed anywhere without the stress field PK!
It is determined to win a strategic ally with!

■ covering the powerhouse of the battlefield Colosseum!
4 vs 4 Team thrilling real-time battles!
Challenge who have the badge of honor!

■ Full 3D action unfolds in a vast open world!
Full 3D fast-paced action with a free camera view!
Let the open world experience the best graphics and action!

[AxE official cafe;
Get tips Tip and generous offers from the official cafe!

[Brand Pages
If you want to learn more about AxE please just go now!

■ smartphone app restrictions Guide
When using the app is requesting permission to provide the following services.
[Essential restrictions;
Photos / Media / Files saved: the game installation files, update files are stored and screenshots attached to the Customer Center
[Optional restrictions;
Audio: Contains for use in-game voice chat feature.
Method to withdraw one access;
▶ Android 6.0 and above: Go to Settings> Apps> Permissions item> Select the permissions list> Restrictions consent or withdraw choice
▶ Android 6.0 below: Upgrading the operating system to withdraw the permission, or delete an app
※ This app does not provide a separate opt-in feature, and you can withdraw the access to the above method.
[액스:신대륙 업데이트]
– 접속만 하면 신규 장비 ‘날개’ 100% 지급!
– 궁극 샌디움 장비 3종 세트 & 5,000 루비 다 드려요!
– 100레벨까지 초고속 성장 지원 이벤트까지!   

▶ 창공으로 비상하라! 날개 업데이트
▶ 신규 지역 – 하늘섬의 등장
▶ 원하는 아이템을 직접! 제작 시스템 추가
▶ 정예던전(파티 던전) 어려움 모드 추가
▶ 초고속 성장 지원 이벤트 시작
▶ 버그 수정

What is APK file?

If you have an android phone, of course, it is full of these APK files. They are the files of each application you have installed on your smartphone. Actually, APK stands for "Android Application Package". An APK is a type of file that contains all the required features of an android application and becomes the final output. So, an APK is a file compiled with each of these elements. So when you download an app from the Google Play Store, you download that file.

The mobile phone is capable of installing the APK file and using the individual features of the application.

Installing the APK

However, these files cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store only. Of course, anyone can create an APK with their own app and decide not to upload it to the Google Play Store. The latter is just a store that contains many apps, but not all. Even if there is an app in the Google Play Store, it does not mean that it cannot be downloaded and installed from somewhere else in the form of an APK file. Of course, there are apps available in various stores, and apart from being available on the Google Play Store, there are developers who share APKs of their apps for free, especially apps that are in initial versions and users want to try them out before you put them on the store.

How to install APK?

Actually installing APK on any android mobile phone is very simple. Installing a Google Play Store app is just as easy. First, Find the APK file on your mobile phone, in the Downloads section, if you have downloaded it, or through a file explorer. Try running that file.
If you haven't installed this type of file before, you'll see a warning that you don't have the option to install apps from unknown sources that aren't from Google Play.
All you have to do is go to Settings > Security, find the Unknown Sources option and enable it. Now you can install APKs that are not available from Google Play Store.

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