How to use Lucky Patcher and download Lucky Patcher APK file

What’s up, guys, here bringing Lucky Patcher full guide tutorial. This is showing whatever feature does both for rooted and unrooted devices. With that said, let’s get this started.

Before you can download Lucky Patcher, you will need to go to your settings. Scroll down to security. And enter unknown sources is enabled once unknown sources are enabled. You can download Lucky Patcher from the link provided on this page.

unknown sources is enabled
  • Save

Download APK file here

Without Root– How to use Lucky Patcher APK

I’m going to start off by showing the features you’re able to use without root. So, I’m going to show you the features you can do without it, the first feature is the inner purchases feature. I know this is the feature most of you guys will like because this is how you are able to make enough purchases for free.

  1. So just select the game and select a menu of patches.
  2. Now you want to select create a modified apk file.
  3. Then select the APK to rebuild for in-app and ELV Emulation. Then we build the app. Now, wait for it to finish.
  4. No select go to file and choose, uninstall, and install. Then select yes.
  5. Then you can select, OK?
  6. Now you can go ahead and install the game.
  7. A few seconds later, let us not open the game and make a few purchases.

As you can see in-app purchases, the feature worked without root. Now, let us go back to Lucky Patcher and open many of patches. And select a modified apk.

  • Save

  • Save

  • Save

  • Save

These are the features you can use without root.

  • You are able to create and modify apk,
  • without license verification
  • without Google ads,
  • you can build the apk for in App and LVL Emulation, which are already showed.
  • and you can rebuild the app with change the permissions and activities.
  • And you can rebuild the epic with multiple patches, this allows you to select all the options at once.

Rooted Device

Now I’m going to root my device and show you guys all the rooted features. Now that my advice is rooted.

Let us get into the root features, so I’m going to start off with switches (below tab).


These are automated tasks you can set and the lucky patcher will execute these for you.

  • You can auto backup all updated or installed apps.
  • You can auto backup apps updated or installed from the Google Play store,
  • Automatically integrate update system for system apps,
  • Automatically move updated and install apps to SD card
  • Automatically move updated and installed apps to internal memory.

These options are self-explanatory, so switch on any of the options, just open it.


Next, we have a toolbox, so we have batch operations.

Batch operations

This allows you to complete multiple actions all at the same time on different apps.

I am going to select a backup apk selected apps. And as you can see and be able to select all and I would be able to back up all the apps that once so that is what bad operations allow you to do.

Block Ads

Then we have Block Ads

  • So you can turn off Google ads services on your device, so there will be no Google ads.
  • You can block ads on your device altogether.
  • You can unblock the ads on the device
  • And you can clear the localhost file.

Remove all of the purchases

So, if you have made any purchases using Lucky Patcher, you can remove all the purchases you made.

Directory binder

Then we have the directory binder. This allows you to buy and direct is located on an external SD card. The director is located on the internal memory.

Patched the Android

Then we have patched the Android. If you’re are going to use the Google Play store, then you need to enable signature verification status and if you want the marketplace to be installed as a user application, then you want anybody see the app signature verification. Then the disable signature verification in the package manager allows you to install resigned apps on original apps.

Test modded Google Play store

Next, we have test the modded Google Play store and install at modded play store, if you install this modded play store, you will be able to install apps from the Google Play store for free.

ODEX All System Apps

Next, we have Odex All System Apps. As you can see, this will give more free space on internal storage.

Remove all ODEX Files

then you can remove all Odex Files. That is if you ODEXany files.

Dalvik-catch and Reboot

Next, you can clear Dalvik-catch and Reboot.

Select default install Location

Then you can select a default install location


The last option in the toolbox is to reboot your device.


Next, we have a search, so you are able to search for any app or game.


Then we have backups, this will show all the epic files you backed up.

Rebuild and Install

The last we have rebuild and install so far, all the apps you rebuild, you can find them here and install them.

Menu of patches

Now I’m going to show you guys the menu of patches.


So, the first option we have here is multi-patch, this allows you to do multiple patches all at once.

Custom patch

Then we have a custom patch, so these are patches that are made by different people. So as you can see in the first Patch, you will get unlimited coins and the keys to everything.

So, I’m going to install this patch and to show you guys.

  1. So tap on the Patch.
  2. Then select patch.
  3. Now, select Apply.

Once this is complete, we should have unlimited coins and the keys.

So now I’m going to launch the app. So as you can see, we have unlimited coins and unlimited keys. We also have all the upgrades, so that is the patch.

Let us go back to Lucky Patcher. To download all the custom patches Lucky Patch has, you need to select the overflow icon and select to download custom patches.

Remove license verification

Now, let us go back to a menu of patches. You can remove license verification. I’m going to show you guys which area you would get if the app is not licensed.

So this is the reason we would want to remove license verification. I am going to go back to Lucky Patcher and remove license verification from this app.

  1. Select the app.
  2. Then select a menu of patches.
  3. Now, select move license verification.
  4. Select auto modes, now you can leave auto mode checked and select apply.
  5. Once this is complete, the license verification should be removed and you will be able to use the app.

Now that it is complete, let us launch the app to check if license verification was removed. As you can see, the license verification error is removed and we are now able to use the app.

Remove Google ads

Let us go back to Lucky Patcher. The next option we have here is to remove Google ads. This will remove all the Google ads from the app.

Support patch for the app and LVL emulation

Then we have a support patch for the app and LVL emulation. This will allow you to make free enough purchases.

  1. So just selected.
  2. And select Apply.
  3. Now, wait for it to Patch.

Now that it is patched, I am going to launch it and make you enough purchases. As you can see, I can make enough purchases for free.

Change the App’s components

Let us go back to looking better and open a Menu of patches. The next option is to change the app’s components.

Before you change any permissions, just ensure that you make a backup of your system first.

Created a modified APK file

Then we have “created a modified APK file”, which I already showed you how to use if a device is not rooted.

Remove ODEX with changes

Next, we have “Remove ODEX with changes”. This will restore your app and remove the support patch for In-App at LVL emulation.



Next, we have tools so you can clone an application, select a clone application. Then we build the. Now, select install Clun. Then select, yes. As you can see, Apple successfully installed. Now, as you can see, we have two subway surfers on my device.

Remove selected Saved purchases

Let us go back to Tools. So, we can “Remove selected Saved purchases”, this will remove all the purchases you made in the app through Lucky Patcher.

Disable Package (freeze)

You can freeze the app so that you will not be able to use it.

Move to/system/app

You can also move this app to your system. So it will now be a system.


Up next, you can make a backup of this app.

ODEX This App and Remove ODEX with changes

You can ODEX the app. You can also remove the ODEX if you would use the app.

Share the App

And lastly, you can share the app.


Now, if we go to settings, we have some basic settings here, such as text size, orientation, sort order filter, and a lot of other basic settings.

So that is how to use all of Lucky Patcher, better features on your Android device.